Lonely Rolling Star

Here is a thing I did for the upcoming “KATAMARI” show that Floating World is putting together on September 2nd.

Of all the kickin’ jams that I like to roll my Katamari to, this one is probably my favorite.  No, wait!  It’s this one!  Or was it this song?  They’re all so good, really:D

3 Responses to “Lonely Rolling Star”

  1. Laura Says:

    So cute and colorful! When I was in Japan I found this store called “Passport” that had the cutest-weirdest toys… one of their lines was a set of animal-people who looked like the Katamari princes, but they all carried purses :P

    Oh, are you at PAX? I just got a call from Eric Swing and I think he said he was there but the voicemail was kind of broken up (he said he was dressed as a road cone zombie) — I need to call him back — anyways, talk to you later!

  2. Sukh Says:

    DAMACHHHHHAY! Dude, this is beautiful!! I’ve listened to the soundtrack way too many times, it’s perfect work music :D

    btw I managed to grab a print off the nucleus gallery of your streetfighter chun li stage. Getting it framed, pics soon…

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